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Balkan Restaurant [115]

by Ethan on May 6th, 2013

Sometimes we have to display some adaptability. Our destination this day was a Puerto Rican place, which we found to be aggressively closed. Newspapered windows and ominous notes from the landlord. Deftly pivoting, Adam drove us to the nearby Balkan Restaurant , which we had had our eye on for a while.

Balkan is a small place with a cozy menu, located off Patterson near Parham. the server was friendly and directed us to their lunch specials. I was tempted by several items before ordering the Bosnian Beef Sausage. Adam ordered the Hungarian Goulash which was specifically mentioned by our server.

IMG_4337My sausage sandwich was a mixed bag. The sausage was savory, but not exceptional. It tasted great but nothing about it screamed “Bosnian”. It tasted like good breakfast sausage. The bread (Lepinja) felt unique and was delicious on its own, baked and fried with herbs and spices. But as a sandwich overall it failed because it was nearly impossible to eat as a sandwich. Imagine five link sausages between two large pancakes, eaten sandwich-style. Difficult.

photoAdam’s Goulash was also underwhelming for a signature dish. The beef was good, a little tastier than you might find at a Mediterranean buffet, but not strong enough to be a headliner by itself. The mashed potatoes however were a disappointment, too whipped and too consistent, without the variance in texture or flavor that would make it an appetizing side.

All in all, we didn’t love Balkan. Perhaps we could have ordered differently or better, but there wasn’t enough going for it to recommend returning to it on our own time.

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