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Eurasia Café & Wine Bar [117] (closed)

by Ethan on May 22nd, 2013

As you might expect, we both enjoy a good meal and look forward to visiting new places. We returned to Gayton Crossing to visit Eurasia Café & Wine Bar. As always, this was a working day visit, so we can’t speak to the “wine bar” part, but we found excellent food in relaxing space. I have been here one time for dinner with my bride while this was Adam’s first visit.

MedlambWrapAfter reviewing the menu and hearing the specials, I was pretty excited to try one of them, a Mediterranean Lamb Wrap. Sounded great. But then I looked at Adam’s face. I enjoy lamb dishes, but he loves them. So I let him take it and I ordered the burger he was planning to get (more on that decision below). Thankfully for everyone, Adam loved it. The lamb was juicy and tender and shredded, which is not something he comes across often. It paired well with the greens, tomato puree, and goat cheese inside. The only disappointment was the fries. He often jumps at the opportunity for sweet potato fries but balked at the $2 upcharge and settled for the default shoestring fries, which were not great.

House Ground BurgerAs for me, I’m going to make a vow right now to stop ordering burgers at restaurants 52L visits, unless it is specifically billed as a burger place. Let me cut to the chase and eliminate any doubt: the House Ground Burger was excellent. You can tell when a burger is hand-made. The texture of the meat and the feel of the burger’s build, it’s a dead giveaway if you know what you’re looking for. And Eurasia makes a great burger. Hand crafted chuck & tenderloin on a fresh Kaiser with garlic and cheese. It was great, no complaints about the sandwich (I was underwhelmed by the fries as well). But as I look at their menu, and as I remember Adam’s meal, I know I missed an opportunity to order something that I can’t get elsewhere. Luckily it was a great burger.

As we have experienced in the past, we felt a little out of place as two lunch hour professionals. The rest of the clientele seemed like friendly shoppers taking a break from their errands. The mood was languid and the food felt like a luxury. Definitely a good feeling.

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