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Bodega Latina Market [130]

by samichez on September 9th, 2013

photo (6)If you prefer your eating experience without a side of adventure, traveling to Bodega Latina Market is probably not for you. For those up for a little challenge. He (or she) who is willing to take on risk for some sweet sweet reward. Bodega is totally worth it.

Bodega sits in the corner pocket of a shopping center that host a Pizza Hut and sports card store (it was like seeing a Dodo). Inside it is more convenience store than restaurant. We walked past canned goods and cleaning products to get to the small lunch counter in the rear. We must have stood out like sore thumbs because the lady behind that counter came around it to give us assistance. Which was much appreciated, because by my squinty-eyed guess the menu was in Portuguese.

We’ve muddled our way through Spanish menus before to great success, but I’ve got nothing when it comes to Portuguese. In our state of confusion our host offered up…


“Si, tacos” – Sure we like tacos. Who doesn’t?

“Nine tacos?”

“Yes nine tacos” – There were three of us, so yeah, 3 each was a good number.

She motioned us to a table and walked away. No, “What kind of tacos would you like?”. Just tacos and nine of them. Not the worst problem in the world to have. We seated ourselves at one of two small tables and chatted while waiting for our meals. Realizing we had not ordered drinks we poked our heads up and she directed us to the front of the store. Ethan came back with three Coca Cola de México (yum) and we sipped them while giggling a bit about how out of place we were. That’s not to say that we weren’t welcome. Every interaction we had was warm and friendly.

A short while later and three plates of made to order Carne Asada Tacos came to our table. Juicy steak topped with cilantro and onions. All resting in doubled up corn tortillas and with a side of salsa verde that was the right blend of spice and flavor. We gave up the authority and choice a customer normally brings to a restaurant interaction and were rewarded with delicious tacos. I don’t know that we could do any better than that on a repeat trip, but I’d take nine more tacos in a heartbeat.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this place, but I love tacos!

  2. Grant permalink

    Sounds tasty. And I enjoyed the narrative quality of this post.

    I’ve gotta find my way into that card shop at some point. On a related note: next time you’re in Thai Diner, walk down the corridor and have a look at the video/electronics shop. Fascinating.

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