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Elephant Thai [129]

by Ethan on September 3rd, 2013

ETLogoWe have both eaten at the Cary Street location of Elephant Thai a couple of times and it’s a favorite of my wife who works nearby, so we were excited when a location was opening in the easier-to-get-to-in-an-hour Short Pump. (And this MS Paint map is made of awesome). Once we heard the new location was open, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we gave it a shot.

We started with two Curry Puffs, which reminded me of a samosa made with phyllo dough instead. The interior of chicken, potato, onion and curry powder gave an aroma of flavor but lacked the follow-through. The accompanying cucumber sauce added both flavor and some moisture to the fried exterior. It was a fine appetizer, but didn’t knock our socks off.

I cannot resist Drunken Noodle at a Thai place. Yes, it’s an obvious choice, but it’s my favorite dish and also a good yardstick for Thai cuisine. Unfortunately, it was underwhelming. The veggies were crisp, especially the green peppers and the noodles had just the right consistency, but the dish had no flavor beyond the heat. It managed to be spicy and bland at the same time. Adam’s Pad Thai (with pork) also lacked flavor. The dish came with two wedges of lime which he squeezed over his dish. This was a mistake, as the lime completely overpowered the dish, leaving Adam feeling like he was eating a dish called Lime Noodles instead.

This is a new location, but Elephant Thai has been a Richmond institution for years. We expected more from the two dishes they should certainly expect to be their most popular. With so many better Thai options in the West End and beyond, it’s hard to imagine going back.

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