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Palani Drive [131]

by Ethan on September 24th, 2013

PalaniDriveWrap52L continues its occasional tour of the Libbie area this week with a visit to Palani Drive. Every time we were in the area, the place looked popular with a frequently populated covered patio. This day we ordered our food and immediately retreated to that patio, which was perfect on this pleasant day. Would have been perfecter with a selection from their excellent craft beer selection but you know. Work lunch.

A specials board item caught my eye: Smoked Turkey, Brie, Apple & Spinach Wrap. That’s pretty much a SEO-constructed menu item because it hits several high-value keywords for me, especially “brie”. And it was delicious. I have no opinion on the turkey, which often feels like Generic Protein Sandwich Filler. Not Palani Drive’s fault, it’s just turkey. The rest was great, though. Beautiful fresh spinach and lots of it, and the right amount of brie, which can overpower a sandwich if you’re not careful. Great sandwich.

PalaniDriveSaladAdam had the Sante Fe Salad: black bean and corn salsa over lettuce, with Monterey jack and Ranch dressing. The lettuce was not exceptional, but the salsa and black beans made up for it. As a $7 menu item, Adam didn’t mind paying for a bacon add-on, which it needed. The result was a great salad and half a lunch entrée. With a hunger borne out of half-marathon training, Adam supplemented with a Hawaiian Breeze Smoothie: pineapple, strawberry, lime juice, mango juice. This was very tasty and fresh and just the right portion size. The smoothie & salad combination made for a very happy Adam.

Despite me ordering a special (which is often a stealth upsell) and Adam ordering two menu items, the bill was quite reasonable, $23 with tip. Given what we’ve experienced both in the Far West End and the upscale shopping of Libbie, the bill was a pleasant surprise, and so was Palani Drive. Recommended.

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  1. Kelly permalink

    Been an unsung favorite for almost 20 years. Always glad to see someone else become a fan of Palani!

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