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Ashland Breakfast & Lunch [143]

by Ethan on March 5th, 2014

We tried to visit Ashland Breakfast & Lunch before and had trouble finding it. Google maps failed to lead us to this storefront in a strip mall in Ashland. We’re glad that we tried again because we found great food and a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

ABL doesn’t present like your typical eatery. The store windows are hand painted. We visited close to Valentine’s Day and the store front mural reflected that with a seasonal theme. This was a nice touch that lifted our spirits immediately.

ABL StudleyThe menu is straightforward, diner-style. Many good choices to choose from. Adam ordered Studley’s Homemade BBQ (a pulled pork sandwich). The sandwich had a great sweet BBQ taste with a hint of heat, which he liked a lot. The texture was a bit off.. a little too pasty, like it was overworked or extruded from a tube. But the taste beat out the texture; it was a good sandwich and was served with coleslaw on top. The slaw was good and crunchy and his only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of it. The meal was finished out with potato salad that presented a great tart taste, and featured more mustard than mayo with not too much of either. The salad really let the red potatoes (and their skins) shine.

Myself, I couldn’t resist adding another Sailor to my list. I’m always curious to see how another restaurant handles this Richmond staple, and ABL makes a good one. The knockwurst was smoked (rather than just pan-fried) which changed the character of the Sailor in a good way. The bread wasn’t too greasy, a typical mistake but not here. The sandwich was great and I had no trouble finishing it. As is often the case, the fries were fries, good enough but unremarkable. I didn’t need them with the size and quality of the Sailor.

Overall the food was good and incredibly affordable. It felt very small town diner, and we felt at home even though it’s not our normal style of dining.

Lunch topics: Minecraft, rumored XboxOne price drop, that LotR Assassins Creed clone, 10k training team, running watches, running shoes, personal data tracking, work, identifying a Cockney accent, The Lies of Locke Lamora.

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