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Extreme Pizza [149]

by Ethan on May 23rd, 2014

extreme-pizza-hanoi-feverExtreme Pizza has been a staple of the VCU area in downtown Richmond and even near us in the West End for a few years now, but we hadn’t had the occasion to visit until now. It is marketed as fresh ingredients plus “extreme” combinations of flavors. We’re big fans of pizza… I tell my children that pizza has all four food groups: Bread Group, Cheese Group, Meat Group, and Sauce Group. Over the years, 52L has tried traditional pizzerias, eclectic stops, and many the Italian restaurant that also serves pizza. Extreme Pizza felt like a mix-and-match of styles. The storefront was indistinguishable from your standard neighborhood pizza joint, complete with bar seating in the front window. But the menu was anything but.

While you can create your own pie, I wanted to try one of their “Signature” pizzas. Faced with many “extreme” options, I retreated to the traditional by ordering the Railroad Grade (Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, red onions, with a red sauce). I was justly rewarded for my cowardice. The crust was greasy, which is not an effect I enjoy, but the topings were thick and it was a satisfying meal. I didn’t love my pizza, but I probably didn’t give Extreme Pizza a chance with my safe choice.

Adam got into the spirit though and ordered the Hanoi Fever (shredded pork marinated in a hoisin style sauce, peanuts, green onions, jalapeños, carrots and cilantro) The flavors were almost entirely new to Adam (on a pizza, anyway) and it worked. Lots of good flavorful spice, and the peanuts added a welcome mix to the texture. Adam writes, “Tasted more Thai than Vietnamese, not a point of complaint, just a better way to describe it. Thai food on a pizza. It was great.”

The location isn’t noteworthy, just another storefront in Short Pump. It looked like a hole in the wall downtown pizzeria rather than what the boutique-style menu might suggest. But Adam really liked his pizza and I see enough promise to return and be more adventurous.

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