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La Cabana [148]

by samichez on May 13th, 2014

photo1 (2)We’ve seen most of what the West End has to offer for lunch. Or at the very least are aware of it and have plans to go there. So it is a treat to be clued into a place that has had praise heaped upon it and that has escaped gaze for this long. Last week a Style Weekly article made me aware of La Cabana and this week we went there. Simple as that.

La Cabana sits at the back of the Staples Mill Shopping Center and sports a very unassuming facade.  The interior does no better at revealing the secrets kept within. What secrets you might ask? Great tacos! Loads of options on the protein front and way too many menu items to try in one trip. Ordering was done at counter and was quick and friendly. We each picked out three tacos and paired them with a Mexicoke.

Ethan had the Lengua, Carnitas and a Pork rinds + Cactus leaves combo. The carnitas were the clear favorite. Offering moist and finely shredded pork that took tons of flavor from its slow roasting. The lengua was very similar to the tacos we’ve had at Habanero. Well cooked and salty, with the just tender enough texture that only tongue seems to offer. The pork rinds were a bit redundant against the previous two picks. Slightly fattier and with less flavor than the pair.

I picked up the Lengua , Cabeza and Chorizo. The lengua really hit the spot and re-re-re-enforced why I just order three of them every time I go to Habanero. The chorizo was good as well, offering a spicy and slightly sweet flavor, but with a bit too fine a grind. Finally the cabeza was more interesting in theory. I’d never had it before. Than it was in practice.  It was extremely fatty and didn’t make up for that imbalance in texture with it’s flavor.

We’d go back to La Cabana in a heartbeat. The price was right and there are many more tacos and dishes waiting for us to try. The Lengua and Carnitas get big two thumbs up recommendations from us in the mean time though. Go to La Cabana. Grab a Mexicoke and order a pair of each.

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  1. Want a free lunch my friend? We’ll be glad to offer you one so you can experience Cafe Verde.

  2. samichez permalink

    We’ll pass on the free lunch, but we will certainly add Cafe Verde to our list of restaurants to visit.

    Thank you,

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