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Proper Pie Co. [150]

by samichez on June 16th, 2014

photo1 (3)Reorganizing our restaurant categories to properly slot the places we were visiting wasn’t something we did until our 52nd week. It wasn’t glamorous, but when we decided to go well past our original plan it was necessary to better navigate the reviews. Making additions to the list is rare; they aren’t exactly adding new cultures and cuisines to the globe these days. 150 restaurants and weeks later though, and we have a new one to add. Sweet and savory pie shop. That friends is Proper Pie Co. to a T. Maybe we’ll go with “bakery”?

In celebration of 150 we drove across our fair city to Church Hill. We met Meg outside of Proper’s welcoming glass exterior and then ventured inside. We were immediately greeted by the aromatic smells of baking confections and the hurried sights of a kitchen in full swing. The seating was minimal and orders were placed at a counter set back enough from the door to accommodate a hefty line. Thankfully we arrived early enough to wait in no line and grab three seats at the bar.

Since there were both sweet and savory options, we all picked one of each from the menu. Meg went with the Mince & Cheese for her savory, Raspberry Buttermilk for sweet and paired the pair with a Nehi Peach. On both fronts she was disappointed with the crust. She had expected light and flaky and what she got was kind of dry. Thankfully the contents the crust delivered were a different story. The M&C had a blend of spices that leaned Italian and the balance of its ingredients left no one flavor overpowering the others. The buttermilk had a rich and creamy custard, almost cheesecake like in texture. There could have been more raspberries, but the buttermilk filling on it’s own was already a treat. Finally the Nehi Peach was a bust. Too unsubtle for the pie flavors.

IMG_20140425_121619867_HDRNext Ethan went with the Sausage RollPecan Pie and a Turbo Coke. The roll arrived in a bag, as did all the savory pies. Perfect for the to-go nature Proper seems to promote with the lack of seating, but a plate would have helped to contain some crumbs for the eat in customer. Outside of dishware commentary, Ethan took his pecan pie a la mode, so he had it first and was very happy with the choice. The texture was wonderfully inconsistent, with a mushy layer at the bottom and topped with a candy-like pecan sugar layer above. He noted that pecan pie is his favorite pie and this pecan pie was one of the best he’d ever had. The sausage roll was a thin pastry layer, sprinkled with poppy seeds, stuffed with tender and tasty sausage. Big thumbs up.

Lastly I had the Pork and Apple (savory), Maple and Black Walnut (sweet) and a Turbo Coke. Mine was with iced cream as well so I gobbled down the maple and black walnut pie first. It was a blend of rich, dense flavors, but not overly sweet. It had a delightfully craggy texture that played well with the silky smooth ice cream. The pork and apple pie was way more roasted pork than it was apple. I wanted more apple, but the pork was extremely tasty and tender. Its juices were soaked up by the crust, which made it even better.

IMG_20140425_121405945_HDRTurbo Coke. No I didn’t forget it, but Ethan and I both where drawn to it and then disappointed by it. A turbo coke is a Mexican Coke with a shot of espresso. A wonderful idea, right? We both love Coca Cola de México and café. Put the two together though and you get a lot of fizz (Ethan’s bubbled over) and an unwelcome bitterness mixed in with the very sweet coke. Great in theory, not so much in practice. Next time we’d both just go with one or the other to compliment our pies.

In summary Proper Pie is super great! The atmosphere is less bakery, more to-go dinner and the staff were all incredibly friendly. We’d all make more conservative drink choices our time through, but our pies were all good to great. That said we’d all go back and try something new. Their menu is always changing and there are loads of great options to explore. The price for a full lunch (sweet, savory and drink) was steeper than our average, but worth it for a special occasion. All in all it was a great place to celebrate 150 and catch up with a good friend.

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