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Sushi King [151]

by Ethan on June 23rd, 2014

SushiKingAvocadoSaladSushi King is a new (wait for it) sushi restaurant located in the spot where we had previously reviewed Da Lat. We enjoy sushi, and were surprised to find upon arrival that it is all-you-can-eat. Interesting.

Eating sushi is a social experience. Typically, everyone orders two rolls and (allergies notwithstanding) everyone shares, enabling you to try many tastes in succession. Since all portions conveniently arrive in 6-8 bite-sized sections, sharing becomes the point, and if you luck into a good sushi place, it’s a great experience.

Unfortunately, the compromises necessary to make this business model work undermined that experience. Dishes must be ordered off a menu. You can only order one roll at a time. And good sushi takes time, meaning once you order, you have to wait for it to be made. That’s great: we’d rather this than prepared sushi sitting in a fridge waiting for customers. But when you have to endure that order-to-eat delay more than once, it kills the experience.

SushiKingCucumberSaladWe have a typical ordering pattern for sushi, and it worked against us. We shared edamame, as an appetizer which needed salt, but that was rectified at the table. I started with an Avocado Salad which was small, but the avocado was ripe. Adam ordered the Cucumber Salad which was cold and refreshing, the perfect mix of sweet and vinegar, might have been the favorite part of this meal. We also shared Gyoza Dumplings which were unimpressive and came with too little of the sauce that gave it flavor.

SushiKingOrchardRollFor rolls, the Orchard Roll (Spicy tuna crunchy with tuna) was the best thing either of us ordered. The wasabi sauce was creamy and spicy and we were pleasantly surprised at the heat.

SushiKingWhiteDragonRollThe White Dragon Roll (Spicy salmon crunchy with white tuna and green tobiko on top) was misrepresented… there was nothing spicy about the salmon. There was plenty of crunch, but it lacked on flavor and was only saved by its sauce. We accompanied these with spicy salmon and spicy tuna rolls which were uninspiring, but that is their purpose: to be the filler around the special roll. We always order two “regular rolls” to go with two Special Rolls, but this was an economic choice that wasn’t the best move for an fixed price meal. We should have each ordered two more special rolls instead.

In the end, the all-you-can-eat operation threw off the entire value proposition and the food wasn’t impressive enough to save the experience. Service was very slow, slower than it should have been even with made-to-order sushi. We were there for well over an hour and barely had time to get through the “apps + four rolls” we would have ordered off a la carte at the start. And the piecemeal delivery hampered the fun. We could look past the service deficiency if the food were better, but as it stands we can’t see going back.

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