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Bonefish Grill [154]

by samichez on August 4th, 2014

photo1 (5)Close to a year ago we tried, unknowingly, to have lunch at Bonefish Grill. At the time that was not a thing they did. Lunch. So we turned right around and went elsewhere. Now it is a thing, so last week we ventured back to Short Pump and had a meal there.

As it was formally a dinner only spot, the interior is much more formal than your run of the mill fast casual place. The lighting is dimmer, the colors are muted and the price of the food is a few dollars higher. Thankfully there is a lunch menu to order from.

IMG_20140606_123500408Ethan went with the BFG Tilapia Soft Tacos and what arrived were tacos presented on stainless steel taco holder. The ingredients were fresh and the tortillas held up, but the tilapia was masked by everything that came with it. The mango salsa hid any hint he might have had that there was actual fish on the taco. Thankfully the Pesto Couscous Salad that came on the side was a real treat. Cold, fresh and light with couscous that looked like they were on HGH.

I had the Cilantro Lime Salad with a Herb-Grilled Chicken addition. It was the type of salad I can never make at home, which is the highest compliment I ever give a salad. Lots of bold flavors (roasted corn, black beans, feta) and varied textures (tortilla strips) and a cilantro lime vinaigrette that brought it all together.

The prices at Bonefish Grill were steeper than average, but the meals were not necessarily elevated along with them. Ethan’s tacos were no where close to what it takes to make our taco HoF. My salad while tasty, was not the signature dish that would take me back to a place. On that note maybe no salad could ever be that. I’ve had BFG’s tacos on another occasion though and I was left wanting as well. We don’t dislike Bonefish, but couldn’t recommended it over other restaurants in the same shopping center.

Lunch topics: lots o’ work, growing analytic skills, managing analytic projects, GoT: filming locations, GoT: pacing in the book and show

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