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Pie Five Pizza Co. [156]

by samichez on September 17th, 2014

D4EFA4C8-0EB2-4B4A-8E39-BF7BA0A9D872The West End is up to it’s eyeballs in pizza. Your hot-n-readies (please don’t) to the traditional brick oven. So Pie Five tossing it’s hat into the ring doesn’t necessarily make waves, but it could be interesting. It is fast casual pizza. Step inside to a moderate line and look over the simple, yet customizable menu on your way to ordering. Everything is prepared (quickly) behind glass and on display as you shuffle toward the register. Pay and before you have a chance to fill a fountain drink you are presented with a hot pie.

Ethan went with the Chicken Carbonara right off the menu, but substituted olive oil for the Alfredo sauce. He had his choice of crust as well and went with the thin as opposed to the pan and added Pie Five’s “magic dust” when presented the option. It was stiff enough to hold the ingredients, but flexible enough to fold and eat. The chicken was a bit too mild, but the rest of the ingredients (crispy bacon and fresh mushrooms) stood on their own.

IMG_20140619_121149417_HDRI picked the BBQ Chicken on a thin crust (hold the dust) and added bacon into the mix. The toppings paired well together, whats not to like about chicken, bacon, onions, cilantro and cheese. The BBQ sauce lacked the punch of spice I was looking for though. It felt like it was played safe. The crust went the same way. Serving its purpose for delivery, but not standing out on its own on flavor.

What you see is what you get at Pie Five. The trade off for time and attention or a proper brick oven is a meal at the speed of ordering. Great for a quick lunch between meetings or an easy night out with the kids, but the pie suffers a bit at the hand of speed. For lunch pizza we’d narrowly prefer Extreme Pizza on flavor alone, but you won’t get made to order faster than Pie Five anywhere in town.

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