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Oct 2 12

Which Wich [90]

by samichez

Sub places don’t jibe, per se with our self-imposed semi-4HB lifestyles. They have not been well represented by us to date. As our willpower and the Richmond lunch scene slowly dwindle away however, we will probably eat more submarines. It is simple lunch math, people. As an olive branch to the carb community, Which Wich was […]

Aug 15 14

BT’s Deli [155]

by Ethan

BT’s Deli is a new spot located in the nearest shopping center to our place of work. Because of this proximity, we see every business open and close. This new place is in a particularly high turnover location; in recent memory, five different eateries have come and gone there (something about the parking we think). […]

May 23 14

Extreme Pizza [149]

by Ethan

Extreme Pizza has been a staple of the VCU area in downtown Richmond and even near us in the West End for a few years now, but we hadn’t had the occasion to visit until now. It is marketed as fresh ingredients plus “extreme” combinations of flavors. We’re big fans of pizza… I tell my […]

Apr 1 14

Mission BBQ [145]

by Ethan

We’ve never had a lunch quite as American as the one we had at Mission BBQ last week. Our friend Stephen tipped us to this new BBQ place at Broad & Glenside. We visited on Thursday, just three days after their opening. We frequently try places right after opening, and found no opening week jitters […]

Mar 5 14

Ashland Breakfast & Lunch [143]

by Ethan

We tried to visit Ashland Breakfast & Lunch before and had trouble finding it. Google maps failed to lead us to this storefront in a strip mall in Ashland. We’re glad that we tried again because we found great food and a warm, comfortable atmosphere. ABL doesn’t present like your typical eatery. The store windows […]

Feb 5 14

Cuisine a la Carte [142]

by samichez

Driving down Patterson Avenue, you could miss Cuisine a la Carte 9 times out of the 10 you were looking for it. The signage is minimal and it is nestled into a nondescript shopping center. What you’d miss though, might be well worth your time and coin. Similar to Homemades by Suzanne, Cuisine appears to be in […]

Nov 18 13

Zoup [137]

by Ethan

As you might expect, Zoup is a soup-and-salad place, new to the West End of Richmond last week. We found a restaurant with some early open jitters, a flow that takes getting used to, but a soup offering and gimmick that will keep at least one of us coming back. We each took the “Take […]

Nov 6 13

Leonardo’s [135]

by Ethan

Leonardo’s has been in presence in both of our lives. A million years ago*, Adam worked there as an after-school job. And given its proximity and consistent quality, it’s a frequent choice for catering in where we work, for lunch meetings and training days. And we both drive by it to work literally every day. […]

Oct 10 13

Dinamo [132]

by samichez

Driving down to the Fan on a work day is a haul from the West End. When we make the time it is nice to be rewarded with a stellar meal. Dinamo is just that. At 821 Cary it resides in the space formally occupied by 821 (which is at 825 now). Dinamo came with lofty […]

Jul 29 13

Mamma Felicia’s [124]

by samichez

In college there was a year that I visited Mama Felicia’s at random, but very frequent intervals. It was mostly for pizza and  tasty homemade garlic bread. After that year I stopped going back. Not for any good reason mind you. I moved down to the Fan and that was that. They have pizza in […]