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Jun 16 14

Proper Pie Co. [150]

by samichez

Reorganizing our restaurant categories to properly slot the places we were visiting wasn’t something we did until our 52nd week. It wasn’t glamorous, but when we decided to go well past our original plan it was necessary to better navigate the reviews. Making additions to the list is rare; they aren’t exactly adding new cultures and cuisines […]

Mar 25 14

Enzo’s Italian Chophouse [144]

by samichez

Go west, go real west, like past Short Pump west and surprise! There are still places to eat. Some really great ones as it turns out. Last week we went west and arrived at a grocery store strip mall to visit Enzo’s Italian Chophouse. You’d probably miss it if you were blazing down Broad looking for […]

Jan 20 14

Greek Cuisine [140]

by samichez

As you travel west of Parham Road on Patterson Avenue, it is rare to see new restaurants. When they do pop up though, we make an effort to get out to them. Such is the case with Greek Cuisine. In the same shopping center as Alexander’s BBQ, next to the Dairy Queen, Greek Cuisine recently […]

Mar 19 13

Baker’s Crust [110]

by samichez

We have picked most of the Short Pump restaurant scene clean. There is still carne on the hueso, though most of it is crumby chain places we will never review. I’m looking right at you Chili’s, with your brain snatching jingles! In any case, last week we needed wanted to go to Short Pump to visit […]

Feb 5 13

El Toro Loco [104]

by samichez

This year we decided to expand the boundaries of all that we surveyed. If we planned to keep dining at new places that is. That meant looking East, as there is very little out West of the West End. Luckily for us and you, we found a wealth of restaurants to visit in the coming months. One such […]

Jan 28 13

El Paso Mexican Restaurant [103]

by Ethan

With the new year, 52L has taken the shocking step of resolving to eat and live better. For both of us, this means regular exercise, and for Adam it means a re-dedication to 4HB, which worked so well for both of us in 2011. And one thing we learned then was the Mexican was a […]

Aug 22 12

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit [86]

by samichez

Dickey’s Barbecue is new to the Richmond area. Cropping up under our noses in the West End and in the Southside. It is hard to tell these days if fast casual joints are franchise or not. A quick trip to their site reveals the vast reach of Dickey’s Pits though. They are everywhere and only […]

Dec 15 11

Habanero Mexican Grill [58]

by samichez

I’ve been to Texas just once. On that trip I hit a steak house, BBQ joint and a Mexican restaurant. Considering the immense size of the state, that is an incredibly small sample size. The steak and BBQ were good, but not great and the Mexican meal was out of this world. A life altering moment. Shaming all […]

Aug 26 11

Sweet Olive [43]

by Ethan

Last week when we made our way to Da Lat, one of us spotted a new restaurant in the same shopping center, Sweet Olive. We stuck to our plan of Vietnamese that day, but ducked in to grab a menu and knew we’d be back very soon. We are fans of Mediterranean cuisine. A week […]

Aug 8 11

Sakura [40]

by samichez

Following our well reviewed trip to Kenji on week eight and twenty, we have discussed the merits of good hibachi places with some frequency. Ethan has been to Kanpai twice and been disappointed both times. I have been to nearly every teppanyaki joint in Richmond and mostly enjoyed myself on all occasions. So what stood out about […]